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EIS started business in 2008 as a small trading company. Today, EIS is recognized as a reliable, efficient and committed business partner in the industrial arena, is respected for providing quality products and services competitive prices to meet the needs of industrial consumers.
We aim to cover our entire customer's need by offering the right product ranges that cover all our customer's applications and industries.
• When you select EIS as your business partner, you get fully integrated application and engineering support along with high-quality products and materials.
• With competent and customer-oriented consulting and wide-ranging services, our employees have established EIS's excellent reputation as a partner to industry and trade
• By understanding your needs and working with you as your partner, your technical advisor, or just as your supplier, we can find the best solution for all your lubrication requirements.
• Our products are chosen to solve the world's severe-duty lubricating problems. Designed for optimum lubricating and energy-saving solutions and supported by internationally recognized experts in lubrication products and services.